Thursday, June 07, 2007


The Freedom of Speech Fleece Award (wasteful spending) directs public and local governments attention to promote to specific issues where change is needed. It also prevents waste by motivating elected officials to protect taxpayers money and there by avoid the spotlight.

This spotlights important facts that deserve attention to the Council and taxpayers.

Our American democracy can only work if taxpayers and the council members have the information they need to make informed decisions. Decisions with an informed debate, it is far more likely that the policies pursued by the Council and current Adminstration will be sound.

By giving taxpayers the facts about how local government is spending our money, empowers taxpayers to better ensure that their dollars do the most and are not wasted.

The Freedom of Speech Fleecing Award serves notice on Department heads, City Boards, members of our City Council, and current Administration not to mess with your employees and taxpayers.

As they say: Hands off and no reprisals!

Finally, Freedom of Speech plans initially to announce Awards "occasionally" as good issues come to our attention.

Footnote: The first ever Freedom of Speech Fleecing Award (wasteful spending) winner will be announced Sunday~June 10, 2007.

Who will it be?