Friday, May 24, 2013


After reading today's News & Tribune. We decided to put our two cents worth in on the issue: New Albany councilwoman subject of conflict-of-interest review.

After reading the comment by Councilman Dan Coffey: "First off, I hope it's NOT true, what they did put the city in a lot of jeopardy as far as future grants."

What a crock of BS....Dan.

We are NOT big fans of Mrs. Benedetti and don't always agree with her.

But, before Mr. David Duggins or Councilman Dan Coffey attacks someone the News & Tribune needs to print all the facts NOT part of the facts.

This is nothing but "Character Assassination!"

If you have ever attended a council meeting it resembles bad open mic nights. Mr. Coffey is always the expert on every issue. And we all know who's pocked he's in. Councilman Coffey you are just a first class suck up aren't you. You have your head so far up Mayor Gahan behind it's hard to tell where he begins and you end. 

Real class like your opinion is meaningful.

Grow up, stop kissing the mayors ass and get a real job!

We have yet to see any documentation with you as sole councilman or title of Deputy Mayor of the City of New Albany.

A final message to Councilman Coffey and Mr. David Duggins: Contact us when you're truly ready to discuss real "Conflict of Interest issues."