Wednesday, May 01, 2013


Wrong decision: "Coffey favored footing a paving campaign with a $5 million bond."

Smells like a "kick back" to Diaper Dan to us....

Right decision:  "Benedetti told Coffey another legislator can't control what information she receives. "I can ask for the information I want!"


"The whole point of the conversation was, if I ask for something as a legislator, I should be able to get that information."

Great point Mrs. Benedetti.

Question to our readers: Who works for Mayor Gahan? 

Answer: Dan Coffey and  Street Department Commissioner Mickey Thompson.

Freedom Of Speech would like to say: Bravo Mrs. Benedetti! 

How about next time asking Diaper Dan who made him Deputy Mayor? 

Footnote: Source: The Gahan - News & Tribune