Wednesday, January 16, 2013


We believe in the Second Amendment for two main reasons. Those reasons are probably VERY similar to many of yours reading this. One, we believe in the United States Constitution and the Second Amendment allows us to bear arms and to protect our family's from a tyrannical government.

Yep. That's one.

Two, we believe in protecting our family's from criminals. And despite what liberals would like you to believe crime and evil  will exist in this world no matter what. They will CONTINUE to exist - and be armed - even if and when the bleeding heart liberals decide to try to implement legislation that tries to somehow cancel out that thing called reality.

Regarding Obama's use of children to announce his Executive Order Gun Registration:

This is a pathetic exploitation of children as a human shield to generate an emotional response to promote his COMMUNIST agenda. This act demonstrates a level of desperation passed by any former President.

Obama resorts to grasping at human emotions because the FACTS do not support his unconstitutional, anti-gun agenda.

Obama says he will protect our children from guns but he does nothing to protect their future. From the economics our unsustainable national debt will cause them....