Sunday, August 05, 2012


Indiana State law requires the City of New Albany to have a balance budget. For the last twelve years the city has had to "be bailed out" using every fund available.

Instead of wasting time on Human Rights an a Ethics Commission isn't that why we pay Council members and the City Attorney? Don't we have a County Prosecutor and a Police Department?

To our current council members we ask this question:

Are you all able and willing to define and evaluate issues without expressing a personal bias?

It is our opinion both Gonder and Phipps have a personal agenda on these two issues.

You both need to be worrying how your going to pay for (1) police and fire overtime and the recent three promotions and (2) Shane Gibson and his 5 boards and how he is charging billable hours and (3) Mickey Thompson on (taxpayers time and money) cleaning out the junk in his yard with a city vehicle and (4) Tim Teives (Code Enforcement Officer) yard sale shopping on Friday (taxpayers time and money) with a city vehicle on Beeler Street for tee shirts.

BTW, how dumb do you think taxpayers are Mickey and Tim?

What the hell are we paying you all for?

We as citizens, and taxpayers are sitting back watching this 'train wreck' that is going to force you all to make some tough decisions. What happen to being proactive?

Don't say we didn't warn you all!