Thursday, August 16, 2012


It seems the S.S. Obama is taking on water faster than his political machine can bail!

It is disturbing and disheartening to listen to Mr. Hope & Change these days. He hasn't governed in over a year, he is on the TV every single day, and Rome is BURNING.

If we hear "I'm Barack Obama, and I approve this message" one more time, We will shoot that flat screen right off the wall! What are you approving, Mr. Hope & Change? Ads filled with lies and innuendo? How come you are not approving a message that says you will fix what you and your Chicago buddies screwed up?

Last night, we heard him speaking to a group saying how he LOWERED taxes for the middle class.

We wonder why anyone should even pay taxes when the departments you are responsible for are sending guns to Mexico, hiring hookers in Columbia, and blowing $800K on Vegas parties? You think taxing millionaires will fix this corruption or make companies like Solyndra solvent?

The problem is, he doesn't care!

He just wants four more years on the country's dole. He wants four more years to finish what he started, which is to say, fundamentally change this country into Greece.

Bottom line; Mr. Hope and Change is running scared. Why else would he order a dream act for illegal aliens? Or take away work requirements for welfare, or advertise food stamps in Mexico?

He needs every vote he can get and the American people aren't as stupid as he thinks.

It's our hope we've finally reached a tipping point in this country. And that the majority of our citizens have come to the conclusion that individual actions and responsibility play more of a role in ones economic situation than ones race or creed.