Tuesday, July 24, 2012


Pelosi states she's tried just about everything to get her democrat colleagues to open their wallets for Obama. In early June, House Minority Leader Nancy (Botox) Pelosi tried to shame her members into giving, distributing notes to each of them with a request for cash and asking them if they are part of "the team!"

Nancy Pelosi, the most HATED politician in America today, is RICH enough to kick in millions of her own money, how does that sound?

BTW, why won't Nancy (Botox) Pelosi release her tax records? What is she hiding? Maybe the money she scammed on the insider trading "MasterCard" deal.

Well look at the bright side Democrats you still have Obama's MSM Super Wolf Pac press pals in the tank for you providing millions $$$ of in-kind support.

The first indication of how a candidate or party is doing is it's ability to RAISE cash.

(Crickets chirping)

It looks like to us Obama likes running deficits, even within his own failing campaign.


That splashing sound you hear in Congress is rats deserting the "Hope & Change" sinking ship...