Tuesday, July 10, 2012


First of all we hope our readers had a great Fourth of July. We had a great mini vacation in Washington, DC.

"The debate over equitable funding of the New Albany Floyd County Parks Department has sparked many reactions over the past year, especially after Gahan in April vetoed a new agreement that had been passed by the county and the New Albany City Council."

"Parks officials approached the county as reported in our News & Tribune June 21, 2012 about establishing the new tax. Parks board Vice Chairman Steve LaDuke said that while final numbers are being determined, early estimates are that the new levy would cost taxpayers between $5 to $8 a year."

Source: News & Tribune June 21, 2012

The Cumulative Capital Fund Tax must be approved by the commissioners, NOT the County Council!

This County Cumulative Capital Fund Tax won't PASS. It takes two of three commissioner to VOTE for it and this tax will not fly!

Bush & Freiberger break their silence:

"I'm NOT for the tax. I think the councils should sit down and go over the budget and share the funding. The council paid equal funding for 2012 and that should continue. Also, a new agreement should be in place for equal board members to the parks and we had a new census in 2010 and this should be reflected in the agreement."

Steve Bush

"I am NOT in favor of a capital building tax for the parks. Our county council has funded the parks for what the county has obligated. The city has given more than the county, that is true. They decided to do so. I wish the county could give more because I believe in having great parks, but if we don't have the money we can't. The State of Indiana kept million of dollars from the county so why should taxpayers pay more because the state didn't give us the amount we should have received? This is another way the state legislature and senate can pass a tax at the local level and build up reserves at the state level. The state needs to fund the county properly. If the local agreement the city and county has is followed, and we receive the correct funds from the state. I believe the parks will be funded without raising taxes for the capital building fund."

Chuck Freiberger

Freedom Of Speech would like to say:

We need to stop the double taxation of city residents for parks. City and County Councils need to sit down and Gahan should stop pointing fingers. If the county has to pay back previous park funding then the city should also pay back the Sewer Fund, Stormwater Fund, TIF and EDIT Funds!

Think about it Mr. Gahan....