Friday, May 25, 2012


Our beef with the repairs of the Spring Street Hill project is that this is being done simply for the advantage of the people of that neighborhood. And it ties up TIF money for twenty years when we desperately need money in our General Fund.

Does Bob Caesar even know what is breaking down the road on Spring Street Hill?

First, it was rain damage now they think it's over weight trucks. Mr. Caesar thinks "I'd even recommend a camera on the hill to keep heavy trucks off of the hill."

And again, we will type slower for those of you who don't get it.

He must NOT travel Cherry Street Hill in July or August. Because if he did he would KNOW why the friggin' Spring Street Hill continues collapsing.

Sweet baby Jesus....

It's "unhealthy raw sewage" that continues to flourish along the road and hill side.

Bob Caesar is incapable of solving any of the problems that have crippled Spring Street Hill.

Maybe if we voters pushed for a law that would withhold their pay on bad decisions we might get something fixed right.

Councilman Bob Caesar is an "oxymoron" if he thinks these repairs will fix the just wait and see!