Tuesday, May 22, 2012


When Joe Biden agreed to run as Vice President on an Obama ticket, he traded his blue collar credentials for the leash collar of the Liberal Progressive Obama master.

He has acted the role of Obama's attack dog ever since, lifting his leg upon our Constitutional laws, rights and freedoms and pursued and attacked the values of straight American men and women like a Liberal entitlement dog in heat.

The louder he barks the more you know he realizes his chances of getting sent to the Democrat "Animal Farm" of discarded useful idiots is growing faster and more furious.

They already sent him to their Obamacare veterinary doctor to remove his manhood and implant the Party neuticals of a democrat ideology that gave him the appearance of being whole and productive, but never produce anything of value when called upon to preform just like his master.

What Biden's parents "may have said" is very different from what progressives are saying today, that it's OK to be dependent on the government. Look at Obama's Julia website, for instance.

"They just don't get US," made our heads cock like a dog hearing a high pitched noise. NO surprise here...and YES, we DO just get you, and in fact, we see right through you!