Thursday, April 19, 2012


Have you read your local  News & Tribune today?
We have never read such crap in our lives. Just in case you haven't gone to your mailbox yet, check this out:

 City Wrap

* "When I ran for this office, I made a promise to the people of New Albany to make our city physically cleaner, financially stronger and fundamentally better," Gahan said in a news release. "I am doing everything that I can to live up to that promise."

Oh really, Jeff?

How about all the other campaign promises you lied to us voters about?

Would you like for us to list them all?

* "City Controller Mary Ann Prestigiacomo said she's been working closely with department heads to ensure spending stays on track. We want to be responsible stewards of our taxpayers' dollars, she said."

Mrs. Prestigiacomo, don't you feel it's more important as controller for you to work closely with our council president and the eight other council members to have the financials so that they can appropriate monies for certain request?

BTW, great news folks, Mrs. Kay Garry returned yesterday part-time in the controllers office. We guess she found out it cost way more to carry Plan B Healthcare in the real world.

What a crock!