Tuesday, April 24, 2012


Everyone that is connected with Freedom Of Speech lives in Floyd County. We are a diverse group of ethnicity, gender, age, education and politics. All of our children  and grand children attend or attended private/or public school.

We spend our days, for better or worse, commenting on and studying the issues that affect and shape our Country, Indiana, Floyd County and the City of New Albany.

We are taxpayers and city employees who are not insulated from bad decisions, mismanagement and the wasteful spending of our hard earned tax dollars that does affect our daily lives in a very negative way.

We care about the many issues facing our country, state, county and city.

The point is, our issues are your issues!

We consider ourselves fairly informed observers, so why not tell our readers who WE think is most qualified to tackle those issues.

Some are incumbents, unopposed or first time candidates for that office.

Our 2012 Freedom Of Speech Primary~Endorsements goes to the following candidates:

No Endorsement

* Mike Pence (R)

* Joe Donnelley (D)

Congress, 9th District:
* Todd Young (R)

State Rep, District 72:
* Ed Clere (R)

State Rep. District 70:
No Endorsement

County Commissioner District 2:
* Bill Fender (R)

County Commissioner District 3:
* Dennis Roudenbush (D)

School Board District At Large:
* Rebecca Gardenour

County Council At Large:
* Larry Clemons (D)
* Carol Shope (D)
* Brad Striegel (D)

County Recorder:
* Lois Endris (R)

County Treasurer:
* Linda Berger (R)

County Surveyor:
No Endorsement

County Coroner:
No Endorsement

We wish you all the best of possible outcomes in your campaigns.

Freedom Of Speech Staff Members