Sunday, November 06, 2011


It is such a cliche that many of us roll our eyes when we hear the phrase "every vote counts."

But in New Albany we saw the old saying come true in the primary.

City resident Diane McCartin - Benedetti won her bid to run in the general election for council by a mere 25 votes.

By the same token, Dan Coffey won his chance because of the decisions of just a dozen voters.

But the point remains that it is a squeaker and for all the voters who decided they didn't want to venture out to their local polling place because of the rain or because they were turned off by negative campaigning or, worse of all, because it just doesn't matter if they vote, clearly they need to think again.

This is the most important election the City of New Albany has had in several years.

As we have said before, it is unfortunate so many voters sit local elections out because those who are elected determine so much that affects our daily lives - whether it is our taxes, increase fees, who will haul away our trash, fix our sewers, whether city departments will be cut or major lay offs will happen due to lack of funds.

We recommend you vote for the candidate and not the party. Our opinion is that both party chairman's should be removed!

Matthews and Wilcox both are doing a disservice to their party.

Don't vote "against a candidate" because of the color of their skin or gender.

Be an inform voter.

If you can't find the answer to a particular question call the candidate for your area. You have so much information available on line, council minutes which shows their voting record, and their comments in our local newspaper.

For those who have grown tired of the rhetoric, deal cutting and think their vote doesn't count or have simply come to "hate New Albany politics" - don't give in now!

The general election is just two days away. Do your civic duty go to the polls and VOTE Tuesday November 8th!