Tuesday, October 18, 2011


Have you seen or read the Sample Ballot: Vote For Your Democratic Candidates on Tuesday, November 8th, 2011?

The Mayor is taking credit for someone else's hard work...a lack of integrity, because he clearly assumes we will just accept this claim as true!

Not this time....Mr. Mayor! We're going to expose you for the phony you are and the Narcissistic personality you really have.

In his haste to take credit for work done by State Rep. Ed Clere, England is misinforming you the voters.

He wrote and we quote: "Among Doug's many recent accomplishment $6.7 million dollar grant for neighborhood stabilization including the purchase and restoration of dilapidated housing in midtown neighborhood."

Ronald Reagan always use to say, "Shine a lantern on your own problem," as a candidate.

England's not running or fighting like a confident, battle-tested candidate, he's trying to land sloppy hay maker, and he's leaving himself wide open for the jab that's going to knock him to the canvass.

That's coming on November 8th.

What actually happened was this: The England administration applied for funds for New Albany. But they messed up the paperwork. Their application was immediately denied and lay in a pile of rejections. The possibility of getting funding for New Albany was dead!

Meanwhile, State Rep. Ed Clere, who is always keeping an eye out for ways to help our community, found that federal funds were available for a variety of projects. Clere, who knew about the messed up paperwork, immediately thought of the S Ellen Jones neighborhood and contacted the England administration to get the information needed to re-apply.

Despite constant stonewalling by the England administration. Clere helped New Albany's application get filled out correctly, then he pleaded the case on behalf of the people of the S Ellen Jones neighborhood.

Clere stayed after the application, watching to make sure it got the proper attention and that the people reviewing the application knew how important this money would be for New Albany.

When the money came through, Douglas B. England was quick to take all the credit, making sure to speak with reporters and the public about HOW he'd obtained the funding. Newspapers spoke of an England administration coup while Clere stood graciously to the side, simply being glad that our city is being helped. England even took the bows at the official opening announcement at Ritter Park, mentioning Ed only once- to thank him for being a "paper pusher."

Now, Douglas B. England dares to claim in his campaign propaganda that "he obtained" $6.7 million dollars for the Midtown project when, in fact, he stood by with his hands in his pockets when we know that the money was actively obtained from the hard work of our very own State Rep. Ed Clere.

Facts are such pesky little things, aren't they?

Our final thoughts:

Voters should NOT be surprised to read more of England's political BS and his deception. When you haven't done nothing for four years, but mismanage, lie, commit malfeasance you have to say something.

After all, you can't just make it all up - right, Mr. Mayor?