Wednesday, October 26, 2011


Voting is a responsibility that ever citizen should take seriously. That's why it's important for citizens to vote in local elections.

Everyone wants their voice to be heard and their opinion to count.

After reading a letter to the Editor:

"Reader says he's backing Messer." You Mr. Smith have done a disservice to Mr. Messer. You should have had the guts to also list that you were on Jack's team, but you didn't.

Have you forgotten we are a small town of over 37,000 people?

When you throw mud at others, not only do you lose a lot of ground, you also get your hands dirty.

Hot heads and a bitter heart never resolves anything!

What you wrote in your letter hurts Jack more than it will ever hurt Jeff Gahan. Do you know how fast it will get around our "little town" that you are a member of the Messer election team?

Yes, you are entitled to your opinion Mr. Smith, but you are NOT entitled to your lies, mudsling and accusations!

You claim to know so much about running a campaign and all. Well Randy, we have a news flash for the "We Back Jack Team."

You have set Candidate Messer up to be fined $50.00 for each of his passed "Elect Jack Messer" green flyer's.

Freedom Of Speech has collected 75 of them and at this point we have no idea how many more are out there.

Here's our point, since it seems like Messer's campaign is being ran by a bunch of yahoo's. (cough) You did not put the disclaimer on his printed material. You know the one that says: Paid for by the committee to elect Jack Messer

To prove to you Mr. Smith that we know what we are talking about. We will gladly share with our readers Jack's back page:

Dear Friends,

For way too many years, a small, self-appointed group has manipulated our elections in order to limit our choices when it comes to city offices. This is especially true when it comes to the office of mayor.

Blah, blah, blah.....

Jack Messer

For more about me and my campaign, see my Website at or follow me on Twitter and Facebook - Messer for Mayor

"No disclaimer."

You, Mr. Messer, are in deep doo - doo! The State of Indiana's voters division attorneys frowns on candidates who don't play by all the rules.

We sure hope you got some "extra green backs" to pay for these fines!

What happen to your:

Honesty - Integrity - Pride?