Thursday, August 25, 2011


"David Dunn, president of the New Albany chapter of Communications Workers of America, "warned the city council last week the union would seek federal charges against the city and county if it were forced to disband as a result of a merger."

Don't you just love these friggin unions (cough)?

Which means: you have union and non union merging, so what one group gets the other gets which benefits both groups and NOT us taxpayers.

Step 2, you gotta put twenty five employees at the same location which mean more (money we DON'T have) so what do they want to do?

Do a little remodeling (cough)....

We bet they're NOT going to like what you are going to read and see next.

Wanna bet?

It's their list of Anticipated Scope of work and cost:

1. Demolition of existing walls, doors and frames, removal of existing ceilings, lighting and operable partition. Temporary bracing of second floor framing at a cost of $6,704.00.
2. Cut concrete floor slab and install new foundations and tube steel columns at a cost of $9,873.00.
3. Install glulam beams at a cost of $3,024.00.
4. New doors, frames and hardware/relocate existing at a cost of $4,500.00.
5. New wall framing and patching of existing walls to match existing adjacent at a cost of $1,218.00.
6. Paint at a cost of $4,519.00
7. Floor finishes, carpet, and access flooring at a cost of $3,594.00.
8. Suspended acoustical ceiling system at a cost of $7,008.00
9. Minor modification to existing duct at a cost of $1,800.00
10. Supplemental air conditioning in Dispatch Electronics Room at a cost of $12,000.00.
11. New dispatch stations/consoles, electronics and wiring at a cost of $180,000.00.
12. New dispatch consoles to replace the existing and relocation of electronics at a cost of $74,000.00.
13. New chairs at a cost of $6,800.00.
14. New indirect lighting and relocation of existing at a cost of $7,185.00.
15. Installation of new electrical voice/data in Shift Office at a cost of $1,926.00.
16. Modifications to the existing electrical and relocation of enunciator panels at a cost of $14,758.00.
17. Professional Design Fees at a cost of $59,585.00.
18. Printing and Bid Distribution (electronic) at a cost of $2,500.00.
19. Bid Advertising at a cost of $500.00
20. Builder's Risk Insurance at a cost of $3,200.00.
21. State Design Release at a cost $240.00.
Total Project Budget: $550,343.00

Freedom of Speech has a lot to say:

1. Why not use an empty building the City or County owns instead of remodeling the current location?
2. Why do you need a Professional Designer when all you have to do is get with the employees and the board and design this communication center themselves?
3. Why not buy chairs during a sale at Office Depot or paint at a Porter Paint sale?
4. Why do we have to pay for Printing, Bid Distribution, Bid Advertising, and Builder's Risk Insurance?
5. What about a breakroom, restrooms and a kitchen too? (cough)

Looks like to us another "sweetheart deal and kickbacks" for some people downtown.

Again, how are we going to pay for this remodeling when the City of New Albany is broke?

We smell another 911 rate increase in 2012!