Monday, August 22, 2011


Well of course the President and his wife needed a break from his job. Can you imagine how exhausting it was making all those speeches, telling all those lies at fundraisers and on the bus trip in the Midwest?

The only ones who would deny him his relaxation are the whiners, the millions of Americans who don't have jobs. But if they'll just chill for a while, President Obama will return to his job in Washington in a few weeks and announce the solution to all our problems!

Besides, we all know President Obama is a man of the people-that's why he went to Martha's Vineyard-to rub shoulders with the common people and listen to their many problems finding reliable domestic staff, paying for the kids tuition's to prep schools, dealing with skyrocketing dues at the Yacht Club and the increasing costs of stabling polo ponies.

And remember folks, Obama could have chosen to summer on Nantucket-it's even more aristocratic and expensive than the Vineyard, but he chose to stay among the people.

What a guy?

So how's that "Hope & Change" workin out for ya?