Sunday, June 26, 2011


After reading the News & Tribune this week. We've decided that the local newspaper refuses to print the facts and only allows Mayor England to spin it his own way!

Is the Tribune bias when it comes to Doug England?

We always thought the newspaper should keep readers informed of their actions of our local government, our tax dollars, and accurate account of the performances of elected and appointed officials.

We have yet read not one line of criticism against England, Garry, Gibson or Malysz over the recent audit, or the mismanagement of tax dollars over the last 3 1/2 years.

Is this causing the "Tribune readership" to drop?

Since our local newspaper hasn't print all the facts (that affect each of us and our wallets) how about the facts they refused to put in print of the 2010 City Audit.

We think every taxpayer should know the ugly truth about the England Administration.

Grab yourself a big mug of coffee you might want to throw in some Jack Daniels just to numb the anger!

* 2010 - Overdrawn Cash Balances:

General Fund...............$2,296,002
Motor Vehicle
Highway Fund.............$232,954
Park & Recreation
EDIT Bond Interest......$2,913

Routinely overdrawn funds could be an indicator of serious financial problems which should be investigated by the governmental unit.

* 2010 - Excess Amount Of Budgeted Appropriations:

General Fund...............$1,766,129
Motor Vehicle

Highway Fund..............$189,129
Walking Patrol Fund....$29,315
Riverfront Heritage


Indiana Code 6-1.1-18-4 states in part "the proper officers of a political subdivision shall appropriate funds in such a manner that the expenditures for a year do not exceed the budget for that year as finally determined under this article."

* "The City has an employee who holds the position of Public Works Project Supervisor. This position serves as the project coordinator/manager for the public works of the City including those within the City's various TIF Districts. During the audit period there were multiple public works projects being managed by this employee. The majority of these projects occurred within the different TIF Districts. Separate funds are maintained to account for the activity for each TIF District. The salary of this employee should be allocated to each of the applicable funds based on the time spent on each project. A record of hours spent on each project was not presented for audit and the entire salary of this employee was charged to the TIF Grantline Road Fund."

Freedom Of Speech would like to know who this employee is, how much he is being paid and what FUND he is now being paid out of?

It is illegal to use TIF money for salaries.

* "The city has an ordinance (G-10-13) setting the rates to be charged for sewer disposal. We noted that City owned facilities ARE NOT being billed for sewer disposal charges. The rate ordinances does not provide provisions to exempt City owned facilities. Prior to January 2009, sewer billing were being handled by an outside contractor and the City was being billed for sewer charges for facilities it owned. In January 2009, the city brought the sewer billing in house and it was at this time that billings to city owned facilities stopped."

Freedom Of Speech would like to ask who authorized this, and when will they be paying there last two years of sewers bills and late fees?

More of England's "selective billing" in our fair city!

* "The state was unable to confirm that all of the city's financial transactions were properly accounted for last year."

When you read the complete 53 pages of the 2010 City of New Albany Audit. (1) You either want to quit paying your own sewer bills. (2) move (3) pray England does not end up on our council. (4) you see all the greedy corruption in a small town (with less than 37,000 people) and wonder why NO one ever demands accountability or why NO one is ever prosecuted.

Same England, same excuses, same problems, every time he's in office!

Our final thoughts, it's a damn shame we have spineless council members, a worthless prosecutor, and a group of arrogant, greedy Son-of-a-Bitches running this town!

footnote: Garry said June 23, 2011 "the sanitation fund actually had a positive cash flow of $84,740 last year." But her own end of the year report shows we only had $80,464.89 ending cash sanitation fund balance. We wonder where the other $4,276.89 went?

We demand that you Mrs. Garry & Douglas B. England resign. It is our opinion you two are NOT fit to handle taxpayers money!

Do you really want Doug England sitting on our council?