Thursday, June 16, 2011


* 111 condo units priced at $182,000 up to $1.26 million
* 550 parking spaces and a 65,000 square foot public plaza
* Commercial space to include restaurants, a grocery market and movie theater
* Development would overlook the Ohio River

They say this project will NOT cost the taxpayers NOT one red cent.

Wrong! Another Malysz lie!

When TIF funds are NOT there to make the "bond payments" they will have to use EDIT Funds.

Let us refresh your memory:

Redevelopment minutes of November 14, 2001, the State Street Parking Garage Bond were to be paid off with TIF collections from the Downtown TIF area. The Downtown TIF area were NOT sufficient for those bond payments. State Street Parking Garage Bond payments were paid for through EDIT.

At this time the State Street Parking Garage and Mr. Malysz owes our EDIT Fund:


Why would we ever want to invest in another parking garage?

We are sick and tired of being "lied" to by Doug England and Carl Malysz!

This is truly the Scam of all Scams...