Wednesday, June 24, 2009


Now that we have elected a black President and on the surface, supposedly are gravitating away from racial bias, but in reality, everything these days is about race.

Now it seems important to have the first Hispanic Supreme Court justice.
Whatever happened to Martin Luther King's idea of having a person judged by the content of their character and not their race?

It is no longer about having the most qualified person for the job, it now has become about "making history" with a first of this or that race in a particular job or office.

This doesn't serve "we the people", it serves a liberal agenda!

How could Obama nominate someone who has had 4 decisions made by said nominee overturned by the constitution.

Clearly this proves the President and said nominee is either:

A constitutionally ignorant or

B constitutionally stupid.

Both of these facts should automatically remove any chance of said nominee being approved by the Senate Judiciary Committee.

If the Senate Judiciary Committee majority approve said nominee, then A: and B: stated above also applies to each Senator who votes in favor.

There have been NO Supreme court justices appointed to the bench that have had any of their rulings overturned by the constitution, let alone 4.

Instead of what people call an Hispanic for the Supreme Court, how about Obama nominate an American.

Oh, I forgot he's NOT an American either!

Silly me, I almost forgot...

Contributor: Legal Beagle