Sunday, June 14, 2009


* Municipal Water Park - $3,500,000

* M Fine Building Rehabilitation - $10,000,000

* Hausfeldt Lane
CSX Railroad Crossing - $400,000

* Support Development of
New Industrial Park - $2,500,000

* Grantline Road Firehouse
Rehabilitation - $500,000

* East Spring St. Bridge
Deck Replacement - $400,000

East Spring Street
Rehabilitation Project - $3,000,000

* State Street Reconstruction - $2,000,000

* Downtown Street Grid Rehab - $2,000,000
Conversation of East Spring,
East Market, East Elm, Pearl,
and Bank Streets from one-way
to two way, installation of bike
Lanes, sidewalks and Traffic
devices and landscaping.

* Charlestown Road curb and - $2,500,000
sidewalk improvements including
bicycle lanes

* State Street Traffic Signalization - $1,000,000

* Historic Main Street Corridor - $1,000,000
Improvement Project

* Unsafe Buildings - $200,000

* Multi - Model Transit Center/ - $8,000,000

* Police Cruiser Project purchase - $375,000
15 new Police Cruisers

* Police Department - 3 new - $132,000
Police cars, equipment, Guns,
and repairs to Building

* Public Works equipment, - $1,024,000
purchase Garbage truck,
Dump truck, 2 Utility trucks,
Jetter/Vac truck, Ditch
digger, Wood chipper, Fork Lift,
Loader with attachments, Tools

* Daisy Lane Reconstruction - $2,000,000

* Street Cleaning Equipment - $465,000

* Street Pavement Replacement - $5,500,000

* Streets - resurface - $750,000

Total Projects: Stimulus = England = enrich pockets of friends, political paybacks and campaign promises.


Freedom of Speech would like to say:

First of all, Mayor England is going to make Rod Blagojevich look like a rank amateur.

Some of these ideas are just a waste of money.

Why the hell does the city need all that money for downtown?

This is typical England. The arrogance of this man is appalling, and an embarrassment to the citizens of New Albany.

We the people, need money. and not the city!

Why not help out the middle class, poor or senior citizens in some type of way. Or try to create more jobs in New Albany so that you can raise your OWN tax money Mayor England.

This list looks and smells of:

"I will scratch your back, if you can scratch my back!"

We think it's called politics as usual in New Albany.

BTW, you know where the feds got their money? Look in your back pocket or your check book for the answer!