Tuesday, May 12, 2009


Nurses in the United States - 2.4 million

92% Percentage of registered nurses who are women

623,000 Projected growth in the number of registered nurses between 2002 and 2012. It is expected that registered nurses will experience the largest job growth of any occupation during this time period.

Indiana has 49,590 registered nurses per 100,000 resident population.

Nurses have a passion for caring for our fellow man both mentally and physically.

There are NO bonuses when your patient gets better; it is what they do.

It is an honor to recognize their efforts and remind them how valued they are and what a difference they make every, single day!

"Nurses are Exceptional and Nursing Excellence has no boundaries - anyone who has needed care, expert advise, review of the latest research, or worked side-by-side with a nurse can understand the multitudes of expertise, knowledge and compassion this profession embraces.

Just ask any nurse you know to tell you a story and you will immediately appreciate the unparalleled strength to care, lead, educate and save lives!"

Of course, giving thanks, recognition and acknowledgement is only part of the reason we celebrate National Nurses Week.

Another equally important reason is to remind the public of nursing contributions to the health and well-being of the nation.

So, as you celebrate National Nurses Week this week, we hope you will also take a few moments to reflect on some of their challenges, the stress they are so often under, and what nursing faces today.

As our favorite nurse would say: Nurses helping people, "One Life at a time!"