Wednesday, January 10, 2007


City Ordinances are now on the books for the process of removing Unsafe Buildings.

In December of 2005, Councilman Bill Schmidt requested a list of unsafe houses from the Building Commissioner.

Building Commissioner responded that there was "no unsafe" Building List.

In January 2006, Councilman Schmidt reported Building Commissioner response to Council. At the meeting, Mayor Garner went down the hall supposely to the Building Commissioners Office and returned with a box of file folders showing unsafe buildings.

At that time Mayor Garner stated there were about 50 unsafe buildings.

In February 2006, Councilman Schmidt asked again and received a list of unsafe buildings. The Councilman took that list to the Township Assessor's Office and identified the owner's of the listed unsafe buildings.

Now it is January 2007. Last week Councilman Schmidt took the list of unsafe houses and drove around New Albany to see if any of these have been repaired or demolished.

It has been one year and we see no improvement on the unsafe buildings on this list.

We do not want to see a child or adult lose their lives due to a fire in any unsafe building in New Albany.

We would like for the other Council Members, taxpayers, other blogs and all Neighborhood Associations to ride around New Albany and see these unsafe Buildings on this list.


Owner: Thomas Goodman
5830 Grantline Road
Unsafe Property: 640 West 5th St.
Plat #: 7630-044

Owner: Jay Edward Rochner
Unsafe Property: 216 West 7th Street
Plat #: 7670-003

Owner: Michael Beverly Futter
800 E. Main Street
Unsafe Property: 711 West Spring St.
Plat #: 8110-020

Owner: Roger Sutherland
P.O.Box 3361
Clarksville, In. 47129
Unsafe Property: 707 West Spring St.
Plat #: 8110-019

Owner: Roger Sutherland
P.O.Box 3361
Clarksville, In. 47129
Unsafe Property: 709 West Spring St.
Plat # : 8110-028

Owner: Jesse Elder, Jr.
907 Cedar St
New Albany
Unsafe Property: 905 Cedar St.
Platt #: 7720-044

Owner: Ricky & Ruth Case
Unsafe Property: 310 Captain Frank Road
Plat #: 3430-012

Owner: Patrick Kelly
Unsafe Property: 414 Captain Frank Road
Plat #: 3430-009

Owner: Gary & Kathy Jackson
428 West 8th St.
New Albany
Unsafe Property: 822 West Market St.
Plat #: 8570-013

Owner: Donald Seng
Unsafe Property: 903 West Ohio St.
Plat #: 7700-037


Owner: Federal National Mortgage
1 South Wacker St. # 3100
Chicago, Ill. 60606
Unsafe Property: 309-311 E. 10th St.
Plat #: 7160-021

Owner: Howard Stone
33 East 4th St.
New Albany
Unsafe Property: 921 E. 11th St.
Plat #: 6340-009

Owner: James & Rebecca Hunt
Unsafe Property: 2032 McDonald Ave.
Plat #: 4600-015

Owner: J&J Real Estate Investment
Unsafe Property: 117 East Oak St.
Plat #: 8060-013

Owner: PNC National Association
P.O. Box 1093
Northridge, Ca. 91328-1093
Unsafe Property: 910 East 11th St.
Plat #: 6390-004

Owner: Robert Stewart
Unsafe Property: 2029 East Oak St.
Plat #: 7330-017

Owner: Robert Ems
405 South Morrison Road
Apt. 254
Muncie, In. 47304
Unsafe Property: 2225 E. Spring St.
Plat #: 5650-028

Owner: Robert Burns
Unsafe Property: 1519 Elm Street
Plat #: 6860-016

Owner: Samantha Best
Unsafe Property: 2101 Elm St.
Plat #: 5490-020

Owner: David & Linda Franeke
Unsafe Property: 52 E. 18th St.
Plat #: 7200-066

Owner: Kenneth W. & Sherry Brock
Unsafe Property: 1945 E. Elm St.
Plat #: 7350-022

Owner: Olive Hendrick
Unsafe Property: 2529 Broadway
Plat #: 4560-068

Owner: Gregory Properties
14725 North Martin Rd.
New Albany
Unsafe Property: 708 Culbertson Ave.
Plat #: 7240-078

Owner: Gary Housel
2407 Beeler St.
New Albany
Unsafe Property: 1746 Ekin Ave.
Plat #: 7320-025

Owner: Stephen L. Roberts
Unsafe Property: 716 East 11th St.
Plat #: 6830-033

Freedom Of Speech feels the excuse of lack of funds is no excuse for inaction on this problem. To our knowledge, there have been no requests for funding to solve this "unsafe housing" problem.

In fact, Controller Kay Garry has told the Council Members that they could approve a certain amount of dollars to demolish a certain Unsafe Building "IF" the Building Commissioner brought a specfic "Request to the Council."

Now ask yourself taxpayers:

Under Mayor Garner, how many Building Commissioners has the taxpayers paid for training and certification?

Has Building Commissioner Ron Hartman requested funds for Unsafe Buildings?


Freedom of Speech blames Mayor James Garner based on Indiana Law.

NA Confidential - Roger Baylor blames our City Council & Gang of Four based on his opinion.


Freedom of Speech

You forgot one thing NA Confidential - Roger Baylor, Indiana Law over rules your opinion again!

IC 36-4-5-3
States that under Powers and duties, the mayor (James Garner) has the responsibility to:
Sec. 3. The executive (mayor) shall:
(1) enforce the ordinances of the city and the statues of the state;

"Everyone is entitled to their own
opinion, but not their own facts."
-Senator Daniel Patrick Moynihan