Wednesday, November 20, 2013


Oprah seems to forget where she got all her chances to get ahead in this life. She is only looking to smooze with the Obama's. From what we have been reading Michele Obama cannot stand her. If she would or could read she would know Abe Lincoln was a Republican, a Conservative. Down through the years Conservatives have voted much more for civil rights, a much higher percentage than Democrats.

Oprah needs to go to Frantz Kebreau's site ( he is a black man who wrote Stolen History) and find out the truth as to what has been happening in "her" black communities.

Oprah is likely more ignorant than a liar because she is obviously not a reader for she has been too busy counting her money that the white fans have, over the years helped to heap on her.

She is a betrayer to people, not just to White people, but is misleading black people as well.  She needs to know what she is talking about.

Who got Oprah where she is today?

Our guess that "white people"  but mostly women for the most part.

She definitely is not doing to badily, but better than 90 percent of the who population, white or black.

So Oprah we done your homework for you. This may help:

13 Ammendment: Abolished slavery
100% Republican Support
23%  Democrat Support

14 Ammendment that gave Citizenship to Freed Slaves
94%  Republican Support
0%  Democrat Support

15th Ammendment Right to Vote For All
100% Republican Support
0% Democrat Support

This Obamacare Monstrosity
0% Republican Support 
86% Democrat Support

Abraham Lincoln was a Republican
The man who started thr KKK was a Democrat.

So our question to you Oprah: Who has been lying to you blacks and fooling you down through the years?