Wednesday, September 11, 2013


This article is remembrance of the 3,030 people who lost their lives after United Airlines Flight 175 flew into the World Trade Center South Tower, American Airlines Flight 11 hit the North Tower, American Airlines Flight 77 was flown in to the Pentagon, and the heroic efforts of the people who lost their lives when United Flight 93 was crashing landed in Shanksville, Pennsylvania.

A look back on that day:

While sitting at my desk listening to a Shania Twain CD. Less than an hour later I was seeing images of smoke and flames pouring from the Twin Towers of the World Trade Center, and hearing reports of a plane crashing into the Pentagon and another crashing into a field in Pennsylvania.

We watched in disbelief!

The attacks began with the hijacking of four commercial airlines departing from East Coast airports, fueled for flights to California.
With jet fuel capacities of nearly 24,000 gallons, each aircraft effectively became an incendiary, guided missile.
"We watched in total disbelief, this could ever happen in America!"
The terrorist attacks of Sept. 11, 2001, changed us forever. "For many people, the events of 9/11 became a barometer for what they were grateful for and what was missing in their lives.
"That day became a catalyst for people to take the steps they were frightened of and to live a life that was truer to themselves, because they realized that life could change in the blink of an eye."

"What have we learned?"

We've learned we are neither rich nor wealthy financially, but rich in the way we live our lives and in our relationships.

"We DO also know that we are
"damn proud" to be an American!"

Freedom does not come free.

It didn't come free for Washington, Jefferson, Margret Mead, and New Albany's very own Mildred Wilson.

"Everything comes at a price."

But, Sept. 11 did happen. And the best tribute we can give those who died is never forget them and the many heroes of 9.11.01

Please pray for the friends and family who lost their loved ones on 9/11.


Take a moment today to think of the people you care about, to think of the beautiful things in this world and how you can affect them and it for the better.

We will attend a 911 Memorial Ceremony from 8:45am (when the first tower was hit) to 10:30 (when the last tower fell). This Ceremony is intended to honor all those who lost their lives for freedom on 9/11, those who have given their lives to defend freedom, and all those who dedicated their lives to the preservation of freedom.

"We still remember, and we will never forget!"

God Bless America!
Freedom of Speech Staff