Wednesday, June 12, 2013


It was NOT that long ago that character and accountability was NOT the exception but rather the RULE among local leaders. It was understood that our former mayor was to lead the charge of a team effort, and there is NO, and never has been an "I" in local government.

Former New Albany mayor responds after audit show laws broken!

There is NO way for former Mayor Douglas B. England to pull a Robin Hood scenario out of this one:

England wrote an executive order to continue providing health insurance for three months after firefighter Nicholas W. Shavers was terminated by the city in 2011.

Former Mayor Douglas B. England "DID NOT" have the authority to authorize the continuation and payment of $5,200.40 of Nicholas W. Shavers insurance benefits and he knew it.

So how about our readers reading what our local "Tribune Newspaper" refuses to print:

Douglas B. England former Mayor:

Douglas B. England
Michelle England

$1,320.00  (Total Health Benefits Paid for Jan. & Feb. of 2012)

Patricia Linck, former Public Safety Clerk

Patricia Linck
William Linck
$1,320.00  (Total Health Benefits Paid for Jan. & Feb. of 2012)

Kathlyn M. Garry, former Controller/Treasurer: Sewer Board

Kathlyn M. Garry
$660.00 (Total Health Benefits Paid for Jan. & Feb. of 2012)

Guess who came back to work for the City after the 1st Executive Order was rescinded? 

The State Board of Accounts is requesting reimbursement 'jointly and severally' from former Mayor Douglas B. England and from each former employee who received these benefits of: $3,300.00.

Net cost of Insurance Benefits Paid by City for Nicholas W. Shavers was: $5,200.40. 

Former Mayor, Douglas B. England, DID NOT have the authority to authorize the continuation  and payment of insurance benefits for three months following termination. Payments made by the City for these benefits are considered personal expenses. Both former Mayor England and Nicholas W. Shavers, former Firefighter, to be "jointly and severally responsible for cost incurred" by the City and request reimbursement in the amount of: $5,200.40.

Can you believe former Mayor England states and we quote: "I have not done anything immoral." then how about criminal, Mr. England?

Look at what arrogance got you.

 "You, Mr. England, ARE NOT above the State Laws of Indiana." 

So pay back our money.

Source: State Board of Accounts,  and News And Tribune