Friday, October 19, 2012


Our city is comprised of a poor, middle and upper class and it seems that several on council believe they only represent the mayor along with those with special desires, which leaves the rest of us footing the bill and suffering in our own personal pocketbooks.

By separating the parks it will cost us the taxpayers more.

We, the taxpayers, need a council and a mayor who are willing to make the tough decisions, based on need verses want in this continued economic times.

We need to cut spending, based on the strictest need.

Our mayor, city council, and employees are suppose to save us money, when and where they can. Not put the taxpayers in a bind because the mayor wants a 'water park downtown.'

You are each affecting our quality of life.

We view serving on City Council as a great privilege. It is NOT a position for residual income, but a position that requires time and energy, as well as the interest for all those impacted by each decision made, because we do believe "what we do today impacts tomorrow!"

Gahan seems to think he knows best but again he is wrong.

Shame on you Mr. Gahan, you have just cost yourself another chance to do the right thing.

We applaud the following council members: Kevin, Bob, Diane and Mrs. Baird for have the guts to stand up to Mr. Gahan on behalf of the many taxpayers  of our city.