Monday, January 23, 2012


Anyone could beat Obama.

Obama stands reasonably accused of sacrificing American lives with Fast and Furious to shoe-horn a Gun Control issue into the "2012 election cycle!" And Obama will lose.

Gingrich will confront Obama about stonewalling the Fast and Furious subpoenas, Holder lying to Congress and an Asst. US Attorney taking the fifth.

When the moderator breaks in to stop Gingrich from confronting Obama, Newt will cut the poor liberal flack off at the knees (metaphorical) speaking. At that point Obama may very well start crying, and WE want to see that!

Fast and Furious, Europe's welfare economies going up in flames before our very eyes. Solyndra, the Muslim Brotherhood winning the Egyptian parliament, the Keystone pipeline, the NLRB in SC, Obama is a target rich environment for any candidate who can cut through the MSM/Obama campaign template.

Can Newt win?

Heck yes, in a landslide!