Friday, January 08, 2010


Can any of you tell us how this announcement is considered "shocking" like Obama's National Security Advisor promised?

By now Americans know that Obama is incompetent, and while they knew he had NO experience necessary to be POTUS they now have confirmation that his foreign policy has given our enemies so much HOPE that they have attacked us TWICE on our borders and on our plane.

Obama is not just incompetent, he is an empathizer of Jihadists because - his culture and religious influences make it impossible for him to find fault on the "Death to America" crowd who after all are only "responding to America's meanness as expressed in past failed policies of Bush and other previous president's".

Obama also views the Christmas day bomber as an "isolated incident" and requests that we don't "jump to conclusions" when a Muslim shouts "Allah Akbar" and kills Americans on a military base!

What Obama failed to tell the American people yesterday and is totally shocking:

The four international airports in Nigeria are equipped with "full body" scanners - the same technology that the United States and other countries are now scrambling to put into place following the attempted bombing of an American airliner on Christmas Day by a Nigerian terrorist.

The scanners in Nigeria were paid for by the United States and installed in 2007, according to the State Department's 2008 Country Reports on Terrorism.

"Check it out if you don't believe us!"

However, the system failed long before Christmas day.

* The system failed during the last campaign season when voters allowed the media to color their opinions in order to vote for an unqualified candidate.

* The system failed when voters chose a leader that has never displayed any leadership abilities.

* The system failed when person(s) in the intelligence community took their cue from their leader and voted "present" instead of performing their job.

How many times will the system fail during the next 3 years?