Friday, August 17, 2007


Folks don't you think it appropriate for a chairman of a public service board who admits to criminal acts of bribery, punishable by imprisonment, to resign from "serving" the taxpayers? Just what sort of service is this?!

To add insult to injury, we have been told that the city council should not question the mayor's veto because it is going to run up attorney's fees! Had the mayor really CARED about the citizens, he would have acted on this information, made public at the August 6th council meeting, and demanded resignations immediately, not stood before us and complimented the boards and the decisions they had made.

Those involved in this matter, and we at Freedom of Speech do not think he acted on his own, should be investigated and prosecuted right along with him.

We at Freedom of Speech would like to ask the ex-stormwater chairman, if he is so concerned about such matters of unnecessary expenses to the taxpayers, then doesn't it make sense for you to turn yourself into the prosecutor's office and come clean and save yourself further embarrassment?

Deatrick offers public apology

I would like to take this opportunity to apologize to New Albany Councilman Donnie Blevins and clear the air regarding the question of a job offer in drainage. I did on two occasions encourage Mr. Blevins to seek the foreman position, once in December when the vacancy was created and a few months ago when I expressed to him my dissatisfaction with the performance of the current foreman, however, I did not offer him the job as I explained to him I could only recommend him if he were interested and I did not have the authority to offer him a position.

I can understand how this conversation could be interpreted the way Mr. Blevins did and I can attest to Mr. Blevins' honesty and dedication to public service. I have known Mr. Blevins for several years and vouch for his integrity. He explained to me that he was content to remain in the position that he is currently in and had no interest in supervision after his experience in that role at the previous sanitation operation.

I felt Mr. Blevins would be an asset to drainage and would be what was needed to meet the needs created by the unique mixed operation of EMC management and union work crews.

Again I apologize to Mr. Blevins for this misunderstanding.

- Tim Deatrick, New Albany

Source: New Albany Tribune Aug. 15, 2007

Admission of guilt? You the readers of Freedom of Speech decide for yourself!

Or, ex-chairman are you scrounging through your desk drawer now, looking for your passport?

What you have managed to accomplish for the citizens of New Albany is make a total mockery of public service and when the public can not trust part of it's leadership, then it is wary to trust ANY of it's leadership.

When other communities are taking initiatives to deal with current issues such as UNFAIR PROPERTY TAXES, our community is having to deal with this. It's no wonder we can't catch up to the 21st century in New Albany. The inmates are running the asylum here and it's never been more apparent.

And finally, to the city council members that voted to address the non-bidding of the stormwater and sewer contracts, if you had any reservations about your convictions about this matter, now you should have NONE!